I promise you this- every morning when you wake up, I will be there. Every night at dinner, I will be there. Every birthday party, I will be there. Every Christmas, I will be there. Year after year after year, we will grow old together. You and I will be brothers.
—Theodore to Timsrc

Theodore Lindsay Templeton, formerly named the Boss Baby, is the titular main character in the Boss Baby franchise. His voice actor is Alec Baldwin.


His Mission

The Boss Baby - Theodore getting tickled

Theodore is chosen to become a BabyCorp agent.

Theodore was a special baby an was therefore chosen to become a BabyCorp agent. He was one day chosen to go undercover as a normal baby to the Templeton House, to investigate PuppyCo's new puppy.
The Boss Baby - Theodore is welcomed by his parents

Theodore arrives at the Templeton House.

Once Theodore arrives at the Templeton House, his new brother Tim has his suspicions of the new baby.
The Boss Baby - Theodore smiling at tim after eating

Ted and Janice feeding Theodore.

Theodore soon gets most of the attention his parents gave Tim, and during dinner, Tim points out that Theodore wears a suit and always carries a briefcase. His parents ignore him and explain these remarks as adorable, such as how Janice comments it makes Theodore look like a "little man".

The Boss Baby - Theodore on phone

Theodore talking into a phone.

That night Tim intrudes on his phone conversation with Big Boss Baby. Tim bursts into his room and Theodore explains to him that he's not a normal baby. They discuss what would occur if Tim were to tell his parents the truth about Theodore.