Timothy Lesley Templeton is a main character of The Boss Baby. He is portrayed by starring cast member Miles Bakshi. He is the first son of Janice and Ted and the older brother to Theodore. He also has a daughter.


The Boss Baby

Tim and the Boss Baby (not yet Theodore) are working together, Tim wanting him to leave and the Boss Baby wanting to get promoted. Janice and Ted bring them to PuppyCo, where they are told to stay in the Puppy Zone. They escape and break in to where the files on the new puppy are held. It is very dark, but there is spotlight on the box the file is on. They approach and Tim stops the Boss Baby, saying it could be a trap. They have to put a file the same size and weight to replace it. They switch the files, but the box lowers into a pit, and a mesmerizing trap is set on them.

They are brought to Luis E. Luis's office, where he reveals who he really is- Super Colossal Big Fat Boss Baby. The Boss Baby asks what happened to him. Luis begins to read his story. He grew a tooth and was growing up, so BabyCorp fired him and replaced him with Big Boss Baby, the current boss. He also explains that he needed one more ingredient to create the Forever Puppy- the Special Formula from the Boss Baby's bottle. He continues and says he would hurt Tim's parents if they got in his way, and also told them that Eugene would babysit them in disguise.

When Tim and the Boss Baby are thinking of ideas of how to escape, Tim states all babysitters are afraid of one thing- a sick child. So he creates fake barf and green makeup to make the Boss Baby look like a super sick baby, almost as pale as a zombie. He brings the Boss Baby downstairs and tells Eugene about how he is sick. Then the barf from the tube hooked to the Boss Baby's shoulder begins to spray all over the room and Eugene, who runs into the bathroom to try to puke in the toilet, but the Boss Baby locks the toilet seat to Eugene's head and escapes.

They ride their bikes to the airport, and the plane leaves. Once they find a plane full of Elvis men, they disguise them selves as Elvis, and sit in first-class. The plane attendant is fooled and believes they are Captain Ross's kids. Once they make it to Vegas, some women in pink dresses drive them to the convention center. They defeat Francis and the Boss Baby gets promoted.

Tim sends him a note which changes his mind and the Boss Baby becomes his brother, Theodore.

In the future, Tim has a 7-year old daughter. When they come to the hospital, his daughter spots her little sister, who is waking and winks at her, because she is in a BabyCorp suit.

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